Benefits of going to the Gym

Benefits of going to the Gym

Gym means physique, muscle power and a healthy lifestyle.  But still a major portion of the society is devoid of this unique activity.  The minds are surrounded by many myths and self proclaimed conclusions but if we look closely at the power of a gym, it goes beyond its musculoskeletal boundaries and becomes a must for everyone to exercise.

Here are some very exciting benefits to discuss from the gym expert's point of view:

Weight control:  Regular gym exercises keeps a check on our weight and also kills obesity.  Abs and crunches dissolve fat faster and you will be back to a fit man after some months.  It also maintains a lower level of carbohydrates and prevents cholesterol buildup in the arteries.  So no deadlier diseases to follow.

Exercise is good for your health.   Daily exercises keep up blood circulation better.  The lungs pump up oxygen to the blood and the heart gets oxygen rich blood and the heart remains healthy.  Some exercises are meant to improve our metabolism as it helps protein formation when fat is burned down fast.

Exercise is great for reducing stress and anxiety:  With exercise, the brain releases hormones called endorphins that have analgesic effects and make the body relieved and free of depression.  These peptides make us feel keep calm and happy.

Must for memory power:  Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is a powerful little protein that fillips new brain cell production and strengthens existing ones.  Exercise and meditation helps BDNF growth and more BDNF means you learn faster, have sharp memory and age slower.

Boost Your Self-Confidence:  Frail and timid appearing people can counter the effect of being weak in front of others because a person who exposes his body building at the gym can soon overcome the lowly feeling and can regain his lost confidence.

Exercise promotes better sleep:  A deep sleep makes up the brain rest for the time being and keeps the body recover from the whole day's tiring schedule.  Exercise promotes sound sleep so we wake up refreshed the next day and feel too much energetic and lively.

Get a boost in energy:  Sitting idle means loss of essential protein value and storage of fat in our body promoting anergia.  But doing the gym enhances the burning process of fat to minerals and keeps us energetic.  So there is no pot belly or obese appearance and we remain active and fit as ever.

Good for kidneys:  From light to strenuous, exercises enhance thirst requirements and that’s good for the kidneys they keep up the water level of the body maintained so the kidneys can flush out required creatinine amounts safely and keep the BUN level normal.  Water hydration prevents kidney failure.

Doing Gym With Advance Equipment  is not a substitute to good health but an essential requirement.  It is a natural phenomenon that existed from the older times.  Now that everything has become too comfortable, the hard work is missing from the daily schedule and we have slowly and steadily become slavish to a sitting lifestyle where everything comes in handy.  From TV operation to a fan, the need to walk is now obliterated by the remote.  Resultant, we have neared various kinds of diseases and reduced our average life span.

It is high time to be practical because just reasoning and motivation confined to the home won't be paying.  We all need a good lifestyle and healthy living and a big part of it comes from exercising.  After all when we say "health is wealth," the words mean a lot in sensibility and keep health before wealth… as always.

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