What is Body Mass Index (BMI)?

What is Body Mass Index (BMI)?

Body mass index, precisely BMI is a marker to check the exact weight to height ratio amongst adults.  The BMI chart is a great discovery to gain insight into what exactly how much weight we should have in proportion to our body height.  There is an equilibrium factor denoting preferred body weight in relation to the height of the body.  If the height of the body falls short of weight, it means the person is obese and has a higher BMI.  But when you have a greater height to weight proportion, this indicates that your body is emaciated and the BMI marker is low.

BMI is an excellent calculator to determine body height and weight symmetry.  It is an obvious indicator of body management and metabolism.  The digits form predetermining signals to practice a healthy lifestyle if either your BMI is low or you have a greater value.  In both cases, logical reasoning desires improvement of the weight because unlike body mass, height is not an adjustment possibility.  After reaching the maximum height, the only thing to note is the fat that the body retains.

At Satva, our experienced coach doesn’t forget to provide individual practice regimen that directly accords with each person’s body mass index.  Both underweight and overweight people have different working exercises because there are two distinct body characteristics.  For these individual specimens, the dietary chart is also prepared according to their fluid retention and metabolic growth.

For every novice, anyone can check on the website where the BMI calculator will give you an instant result.  A chart of BMI can express what the weight of an average male or female should be.  To be better informed, there are categories which define the level of weight an individual should possess.  This figure is quite helpful when we go in for a weight check. 





Satva is not about exercise alone.  We believe that your inner fitness must be toned perfectly as well.  Weight increment can occur commonly from eating junk food, sedentary lifestyle and binge eating.  People who do night working and sleep during the day can also attract weight gain.  While overweight people have to undergo some extensive exercises starting with the treadmill, cycling and gradually, burning up excess body fat by abs and crunches, a totally different exercise regimen is adapted for underweight people.

People who are below average weight are thin by appearance.  They have less muscle tissue and just nil fat.  Some factors like stress, depression or low protein intake can cause weight loss.  Some other conditions being genetic inheritance, side effects from malady or too much physical labor can also cause the body to lose weight.  In this case, a tailor-made exercise system would serve the purpose better.  This could include intake of good protein-rich whey supplements, body warming exercise, fibrous foods like sprouts and banana shake.  We can also eat milk fats, dairy products and carbohydrates.

Both obesity and weight loss are warning signs to the body’s health level.  Overweight people are always prone to high blood pressure and increased cholesterol can cause heart attack, shortness of breath, respiratory problems and other various diseases.  Even underweight people are not safe either.  They can have a syncopal attack or become too tired easily, their food habits might change and drastically reduce.  These factors call upon the body to improvise its body habitus before its too late.

Satva identifies the gravity of a bad BMI figure.  Therefore, at the center, we treat everybody individually and give them a planned chart to follow.  Thin people need to consume more diet and obese ones have to undergo abs and stretching more.  At Satva, we also keep good creatinine, whey proteins and vitamins that do not cause unwarranted side effects to the body since these are well established names in the international market.

The body of everyone is different from one another, therefore, it is always advisable to consult a gym trainer before you start consuming these high dietary supplements directly.  Otherwise, our expert trainers and coach will help to give you a perfect body shape in a short period of time.

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