How to make a Gym your Best Buddy?

How to make a Gym your Best Buddy?

A gym is always termed secondary when body fitness and exercise is concerned.  In fact, we all look for temporary options and uselessly spend our time and money into all sorts of experiments.  Some include wearing a “magical” sauna belt that indeed has no magic at all. Then, there are some unimaginable foods for quick fat absorption and so on.  However, these promos are good just on screen and not in real life.

It’s high time to keep in shape due to the growing concern of obesity amongst both youth and children.  Even women are getting into distorted shape. India being a huge country where about 10 million men with 20 million women crossing obese levels are indeed alarming.  Still most of us are reluctant to join an exercise regimen…But why?

  • Unchanging beliefs and obstinate habits:  Some of us surely see everything from the eyes of comfort.  Yes, from the remote to the food, we need everything in bed and this idea is self killing.  One must change this attitude and accept some dynamic changes in life…with starting a good exercise program!
  • Taste is all what we ask for:  We definitely don’t have a control on the tongue because we have replaced health with taste.  That’s why after the gym, we are too much into fast foods and colas that we don’t go fit. Eating nutritious foods like green leafy vegetables, vitamin rich cuisine calls for a disciplinary action and also gives actual results.
  • Fears of teasing:  Nobody’s a born Hercules.  “I am frail so I don’t want people to make fun of me at the gym” - This is a myth because most people were average bodies who are now gym masters.  Be comfortable and forward looking because experts know your personality and they develop you to becoming a superman.
  • Too much skepticism:  Reluctance can exist in various thoughts and preconceived perceptions that are generally a farce.  Most people avoid a gym as they think the coach will misguide them and impose a useless membership over them.  Be open and ask your doubts because they are the greatest obstacle currently.
  • Agoraphobia:  Some humans have the tendency of being afraid of crowds and they apply the thought everywhere.  An open and spacious gym will become the best buddy to remove this fear and give them a new lease of life.
  • Timidity:  Personal traits are different in every individual.  Some people are very conscious when they come across a female crowd while others have their concentration diluted.  But such cases slowly improvise when they mix up with the opposite staff well and become habitual to their existence.  This practice inculcates self rapport and confidence in the person and removes his timidity.

A Best Gymnasium is clearly a place to improve not only the body, but also rejuvenate the soul and our thought process.

Skepticism has no end and doubts always exist everywhere but to counter your bipolar imaginations, just give a little push to the “do it once” attitude.  The best way to remove all these self harming ideas is to consult a gym expert or a trainer.

Of course, discipline is the key to success and only exercising won’t help.  Being true to yourself and genuinely following a natural, low cholesterol diet will make gym work out for you.  It is not something magical but yes, not less than something amazing…Gym doesn’t mean always hard exercising but an essential part of daily living.

So the only form of self satiation is keeping fit and fine and yes, if you love your loved ones, then do take care of yourself as it is rightly said that “Health is wealth!

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