The Biggest Gym Myths

The Biggest Gym Myths

Going to the gym means a perfect toned body and a cool attitude.  But perhaps everyone has his own set of thought and beliefs that sometimes don’t match with real sense.  Knowing the genuine attributes of a gym become pertinent because myths can be disappointing.  Lets discuss the most common Gym Myths in brief:

Myth #1:  Gym is a daily commitment:

Truth is that when you exercise and strengthen muscle fibers, you need a break because overexertion is not something to exaggerate.  You have to relax your muscles in between for recovery.  Going alternate days or taking rest at the end of weekdays is absolutely fine because extra stress shouldn’t be continued to burden the body.  Gentle stretching or a walk is fine.

Myth #2:  Aggressive sweating means great workout:

Truth:  Too much sweat discharge doesn’t always mean to say you’ve been great guns at the equipment.  High perspiration is because your body temperature increases as the muscles create heat when stressed out.  Higher room temperature could be another reason.

Myth #3:  Sore muscles depict the best form of bodybuilding:

Truth: Soreness can occur from workout intensity or simply because the muscles are overstressed and too much tension was applied to them.  An exercise glitch can potentially also cramp a muscle and make it look more muscular.  Even after a great workout, you might not be sore the other day.  So be hydrated and sleep well.

Myth #4:  Packed exercise schedule:

Truth:  Start with light weight exercises but don’t be busy with overexerting if the body doesn’t permit.  It's bad if you exercise at greater intensity too frequently as it can hamper cramp recovery and require extra training to get into shape.

Myth #5: Strength training has to do with machines and weights:

Truth:  Not necessary.  Training means to build up resistance power and the resistance can be increased from forms other than machines also like squats, kettlebells, medicine balls, and resistance bands to add resistance.

Myth #6: Yoga isn't an exercise:

Truth:  Most people perceive yoga as a form of meditation and spiritualism but it has more to the body than a series of gentle stretches.  Not only it inculcates peace of mind but hard yoga poses can make you know the real side of this enriching experience.  From relaxing to more tougher types, these poses can make you sweaty and sore.  You can also get stronger abs from yoga.

Myth #7:  Fat can be removed from particular body parts:

Truth:  The leaning mechanism of the body allow equal proportion fat reduction since fat cells have equal distribution in the entire body.  So literally losing fat from a specific spot is impossible and you end up losing overall body fat.

Myth #8:  Excessive cardio will give faster weight loss:

Truth:  Only resting on extensive cardio regimen will just help get you a slow calorie deficit daily but there are other Gym exercises that must be clubbed with your cardio to be more effective in reducing your BMI.  This means an effective strength training program is viable.  You must also have a smart nutrition plan to follow.

Workout in Advance Gym  means that oxygen circulation increases in the body at a higher rate and calories are burned adequately.  Proper strength training and dietary modification needs to be planned.  But there is no shortcut to bodybuilding or a healthy body.  It is important to be particular about your exercise regimen, proper training and having only genuine food proteins so that you don’t get any side effects.  Rather consulting with the trainer becomes even more significant before entering into any experimental nutritional system.

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