What is Circuit Training & Benefits of Circuit Training Workout

What is Circuit Training & Benefits of Circuit Training Workout

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training workout is a fast-paced form of exercise that requires you to perform one exercise for approximately 30 seconds to 5 minutes before moving to the next exercise. Circuit Training manufacturer describe what is circuit training? According to them in a typical circuit training workout you need to include approximately 8-10 exercise stations. How circuit training workout is different from other workouts is that instead of resting after the completion of one station, you quickly move to the next.

Circuit training manufacturers have divided circuit training in two types:

Muscular Strength and Endurance Circuit training workout:-

In a muscular strength and endurance the circuit alternates between different muscle groups,forexample the upper body, the lower body and the core, so you require little or no rest in between stations.

Aerobic+ Strength Circuit training workout:-

In this type of workout, the circuit alternates 1 to 2 sets of resistance exercise such as body weight, free weights, dumbbells,kettle bells, bands, etc.; with little cardiovascular exercise like jogging in place, stationary cycling, rowing, etc. that lasts for about 30 seconds to 5 minutes. This Depends on your goal and the number of circuit stations you are able to complete- 1 or more circuits in a 30-60 minute workout session.

Some circuit training workout classes alternate between an aerobic activities such as stepping or stationary cycling and a muscle-strengthening activity like the use weight machines. Other workouts and classes focus exclusively on muscle toning or aerobic exercise.

Exercises Involved in Circuit Training Workouts.

1. Total Body Circuit Training


a) Squat Jumps

b) Burpees

c) Skipping

d) Tuck Jumps

e) Dumbbell squat and swings

f) High Knees 

g) Treadmills

h) Fast Feet on Box

i) Alternating split squats

2. Upper Body circuit training

a) Dumbbell Exercises

b) Diamond Pushups

c) Wide Pushups

d) Bench Dips

3. Lower Body circuit training

a) One leg squat

b) Single leg kick- backs

c) Forward Lunges

d) Box Step with knee drives

4. Core Region circuit training

a) Sit- ups with a twist

b) Double crunch

c) Hip thrusts

d) Push- ups superman with alternating arms

e) Bicycle kicks

All these are different exercises one can do during a circuit training workout to target different regions of the body.


Important information about what is Circuit Training

• The circuit training workout is a really good exercise for beginners. As you can modify the workout.

• It may or may not require any equipment.

• The exercise type can be modified according to your goal.

Benefit of Circuit Training Workout

After understanding what is circuit training workout, we will now look into the benefits stated by the circuit training workout manufacturer:

1. Complete Body Workout :

Circuit training workout according to circuit training workout manufacturer challenges the entire body and this defines the true essence of what is circuit training. In this form of workout, each muscle from the complete body is targeted and worked upon in every workout session.

2. Maximum Results in a Short Period :

In this busy life of ours, it is difficult for us to find time for workout. But circuit training workout manufacturer suggest that circuit training workout is great way to get quick results in a short period of time. Due the flexible nature and total body centric exercises of circuit training workout, it is the ideal form of exercise to achieve maximum results in no time.

3. Mix of Cardio and Strength Training

Circuit training workout is a form of exercise that offers the benefits of cardio and strength training together. You can create and combine intervals of high-intensity cardio workout with exercises like heavy weight lifting, for a more comprehensive and effective workout session.

4. Increased Muscular Strength:

Circuit training workout offered at gyms like the Satva Fitness works on the benefits of increased muscular strength and endurance. Resistance training helps the body to work the muscles for an improved endurance and strength of the muscles. There are studies on circuit training workout that suggest about 7% - 32% strength gains are evident in circuit training workout regime. Strength training, is extremely essential for women, as they lose muscle mass of 1% per year in the 30s and 40s and also people above 65 years of age, to help them minimize bone loss.

5. Boosts Metabolism

With approximately 30 minutes of this exercise say circuit training workout manufacturer, your body can feel the metabolic burn. By switching between weights and cardio intervals and some short rests in between you can activate your metabolism to burn calories quicker than ever.

As per Harvard Medical School, one can burn about 240 calories in a general half an hour circuit training session and it doesn’t end here the effect of this half an hour carries on for an entire day by keeping your metabolism charged to function at a faster rate.

To summarize what is circuit training, the Circuit Training Workout Gym manufacturer suggests that it is a form of exercise that increases your strength and fitness alongside helping you to burn lots of calories.




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