What is Functional Training and Benefits of Functional Training gym

What is Functional Training and Benefits of Functional Training gym

Fast food rates are getting cheaper, our lives becoming stressful and our habits making us lazy are all contributing to create another health problem – obesity. The American Medical Association (AMA) designated obesity a disease in the year 2013. As a result of this declaration the world is opening its eyes and running to create a healthier lifestyle. With various methods of exercise that exist like- cardio exercise, body weight training, yoga, zumba, cross-fit etc., the fitness experts are trying to find a more functional form of exercise for the past 10 years. As the revolution in the world of fitness began, soon the fitness experts soon came up with Functional Training Workouts and flooded the fitness market with functional training exercises.

Have you experienced or witnessed those random gym program exercises with three sets, ten reps and then 1 minute break? Worked out so hard, just to know that it is unfortunately, not the most efficient way to attain your goals. Training mainly with machines and ignoring free weights is inefficient because you are working around a fixed axis and not freely as you would in your daily life. Machines have a limited functional ability and cannot train you for real life situations.

Functional training exercises are those exercises that mimic real-life movements and help to prevent injuries. With regular practice it is known to help people increase their flexibility and balance. This regular use of functional training will prepare you to perform everyday activities safely and efficiently. Bodybuilders and Athletes are known in functional training to recover from injuries, enhance their workout routine or to target specific muscles.

So what is Functional training?

Functional training is a form of physical activity that has existed for many decades but was majorly restricted to physical therapists, who used it for rehabilitation. Functional training involves the number of exercises that target the core muscles of the back and abdomen and by strengthening these; you will be able to perform daily life activities easily.

Benefits of Functional Training Workout

Some of the functional training exercises are:

- Overhead Warm up with Dumbbells

- Cross Functional Training

- Side Lunge with Reach

- Stir the Pot with Stability Ball

- Stability Ball Push Up

- Kettlebell Snatch

- Turkish Get up

- Break Dancer Pushup

- Yoga Squat and many more

mesmerizing benefits of functional training have wooed the fitness enthusiasts to such an extent that it has taken over the world of gyms:

1. Fat burning

The top priority while exercising is to burn fat and functional training provides stunning workouts that boost fat burning by using the complete body to workout. These exercises boost metabolism, improve strength and endurance.

2. Improves Posture and Reduces Joint Pains

This technologically governed era has led us all to sit at the computer for hours and lead a sedentary lifestyle. These lifestyle changes have terribly affected our posture and led to joint pains at early ages. The functional training exercises focus on the core to enable better support and stability which improve the posture and help the individuals get rid of their joint pains.

3. Prevents from Injuries

With regular practice of these functional training workouts, our body becomes more equipped for daily life challenges. This set of exercises can train us to perform daily activities with ease while saving us from frequent falls and injuries.

4. Improves Flexibility

Functional training is filled with numerous exercises that help you use various muscles. The exercises that aim to improve your daily life functioning are centered at flexibility and coordination for a more functional life. These exercises make you stretch different muscle groups that improve your muscle memory and flexibility in return.


5. Enhances Daily Life Functioning

By training your body to perform exercises regularly that improve posture, flexibility and stability; everyday activities can be completed with more ease. Unlike the conventional exercise pattern these exercises are aimed at targeting the movements that people do in their daily lives.


6. Strengthens Core

Core, core and core!! That is exactly what functional training is focused upon.  Exercises like planks, ab exercises, mobility techniques etc., focus on building core strength. Core activation is the main focal point of these exercises that mimic daily life activities and tackle the demand faced by the core and spine during the daily life activities such as sitting for long hours. Core strength is extremely important as it enhances stability and protects organs and Central Nervous System while reducing joint pains and risk of injury.


7. Improves Coordination Agility and Balance

Functional training is performed by using one’s own body weight to perform a variety of body movements. Since there aren’t any machines that are involved, the individuals have to typically depend on their own coordination and balance. This helps our bodies to become more stable, balanced and thus increasing our agility.

The fitness experts soon came up with Functional Training Gym Workouts and flooded the fitness market with functional training exercises. Functional training exercises that mimic real-life movements.


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