Gym for Ladies

Gym for Ladies

Satva is all about women liberation and security.

Our prime concern is to give a homely feel to the women and that’s the reason why we motivate discipline on the premises. The gym boasts of different equipment that adhere to the body toning of the opposite gender.

We have it all! We have the Best Group fitness exercise classes for ladies near you in Marathahalli/Kundalahalli.Satvafitness is indeed an Effective and safe way to get in your weekly workout without the Group excuses at an Affordable price.

Gym for Ladies

As always…ladies first! That’s why the complete area is surveillance by cameras round the clock to watch for any unprecedented gestures.But we are sure there hardly would be even a single instance as we have quite an ethical environment here. Secondly, the proportion of ladies and gentlemen is also equivalent, so both genders share an equally influencing majority.

All gym equipment classify to the international quality and performance standards, therefore, one can be sure of their exact weight and results.

The members including ladies of different age groups have a very thing in common here and that is complete harmony and integration. Already we have a great number of women who have been associated with the gym for many years down the line.

But does it necessarily mean that women need a gym?

Womans have far more complex body mechanism than men do. Estrogen, a hormone in women that protects bones decreases sharply when they grow old. As a result, women are can have a faster bone loss and are prone to osteoporosis.

To tone up the body structure and strengthen the bones, ladies must practice a regular exercise regimen so that their body can maintain the mineral density that bones tend to lack during usual lifestyle activities.

Gym benefits for Ladies

A good gym will not only provide extra strength to the bones but also cut extra fat from the body if the person is suffering from excess weight or is morbidly obese. Gym also boosts up body performance by pumping up the lungs and the heartthrough sweat generation. Exercising is a completely harmonized process to both genders because by daily exercising, the chances of cholesterol buildup in a body are drastically inhibited.

To lose weight, we have toning exercises like the treadmill walk, exercise cycling, light weight isometrics, physical movements, et al.

Gain weight – Women with a BMI below 18.5 or those having muscle atrophy can practice various toning methods to gain weight. Some important exercises like push-ups, low intensity aerobics, jogging, deadlifts, squats and bench press help you up to increase weight. Even yoga plays a crucial role in adding to your fat.

Satva is there to help you out

If you've never done any strength training before, you don’t need to worry at all. Our personal trainer will show you how to perform the exercises safely and correctly.

So we can say that gym is actually a win-win situation for ladies.

What to wear in gym for ladies?

Always wear loose cotton fabrics when performing any sort of exercise. Tight clothing is bad for exercising because it hampers body movement and perspiration. It can also cause itching to the private body parts of women. Avoid wearing nylons or polyester when you are into a sweating mode because these materials don’t absorb sweat.

At Satva fitness, we also prescribe only genuine proteins and shakes to women without the hesitation of buying a spurious product from the market.

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